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        1. [職稱英語真題]2016年答案詳解綜合C閱讀理解(第三篇)
          2016-04-07 06:57:51 來源:91考試網 作者:www.abbotthpd.com 【

          第三篇Covering the Coast All by Himself

          University life is in no way cheap in Canada. It costs Peter Kemp, a computerscience major at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver,C$18,000 a year.

          Amazingly, the 21-year-old is covering the cost by himself.

          For the past three years, Kemp has done a range of part-time jobs to pay forhis tuition and living expenses. Last semester alone, he worked five jobs for32-40 hours a week. Life is busy, but Kemp enjoys it.

          “Doing part-time jobs gives me economic independence,” said Kemp, who willbegin his senior year this fall. “Having economic independence gives me theability to take control of my life and make my own decisions,” said Kemp. “Ithas also helped me understand the value of money.

          Among Kemp’s five jobs last semester, two were on campus. For one, he helpedmaintain the university’s computer labs. For the other, he worked at the ITservice desk to help students and teachers solve their computer problems. Healso worked for a small company that develops GPS systems. This job paid himwell at C$27 an hours.

          “These jobs made me put what I’ve learned in university to practical use,”Kemp said.“I accomplished creative and imaginative tasks by applying myabilities to thework. ”

          Good time management skills help Kemp balance work and study. He’s a topstudent in his class. And he will be the student association chairman for hisdepartment beginning next semester. It’s a position that he has desired for along time.“It will give me the opportunity to be the voice for my fellowstudents and make a difference,” says Kemp.

          “I believe one of the key secrets to juggling(應付)everything is toavoidputting off tasks. This can leave you stressed and reduce the quality ofyourwork and health,” he said.

          “I often make a list of the things I need to do each day and rank them bytheir importance. The list helps me decide what task I should do first and whenI should complete it. Remember to ask for help when you think you can’t finishsomething on time, or can’ t finish it by yourself. ”

          31.Who isPeter Kemp?

          A.A computer student

          B.An American student

          C.A French student

          D.A British student

          32. How did he manage to pay his tuition and living expenses?

          A.He did a variety of part-time jobs.

          B.He wona few scholarships.

          C.He borrowed money from his parents.

          D.He obtained cheap loans from the bank.

          33.Which of the following is NOT directly mentioned in the passage as anadvantage of having economic independence?

          A.it makes one understand that life is not easy.

          B.it helpsone know the value of money.

          C.it gives one the ability to control his or her life.

          D.it enable one to make his or her own decisions.

          34. Kemp is able to balance work and study due to his

          A.strong will power.

          B.exceptional intelligence.

          C.desire to become a leader.

          D.good management of time.

          35.The phrase “putting off” in Paragraph 7 means






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          In our expenditure the item that costs most is time. 在我們的消費中,時間是最昂貴的一項.
          Procrastination is the thief of time. 拖延為時間之賊.
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