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        1. [職稱英語真題]2016年答案詳解綜合C補全短文
          2016-04-07 06:57:48 來源:91考試網 作者:www.abbotthpd.com 【


          US Signs Global Tobacco Treaty

          1 The United States has taken the first step toward approving a globaltobacco treaty that promises to help control the deadly effects of tobacco usethroughout the world. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson signedthe Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) this week at the UnitedNations. (46)

          2 The FCTC was developed by the World Health Organization and approved bymembers of the World Health Assembly,including the United States,last year.(47)

          3 For instance, cigarettes sold in those countries would have to have healthwarnings on at least 30% of the front and back of every pack. (48)It alsorequires bans on tobacco advertising, though there are some exceptions forcountries like the United States, where the Constitution prohibits such anoutright ban.

          4 (49) The World Health Organization estimates that tobacco use kills nearly5 million people worldwide every year. In the US alone, about 440,000 people dieeach year from tobacco-related illnesses; about one-third of all cancers in theUS are caused by tobacco use. If current trends continue, WHO estimates, by 2025tobacco will kill 10 million people each year.

          5 The treaty must be ratified by at least 40 countries before it can takeeffect. (50)

          A Tobacco stocks also perked up as investions discouried fears ** of from theUS.

          B So far,109 countries have signed it, and 12 have ratified it.

          C The impact of the treaty could be huge.

          D Countries that ratify it would be required to enact strict tobacco controlpolicies.

          E The treaty calls for higher tobacco taxes, restrictions on smoking inpublic places, and more promotion of tobacco prevention and cessationprograms.

          F The Senate must still approve the treaty before the US can implement itsprovisions.



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          What weakness is it that you can never tolerate?---Sycophancy and servile flattery. 你最不能容忍的缺點是什么?----奴顏婢膝.
          The secret of success is constancy of purpose. 成功的秘訣是目標堅定.
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